The Government today (June 30) announced the appointment of five members to the Education Commission (EC).


The newly appointed members are the Principal of Po Leung Kuk Li Tsui Chung Sing Memorial Kindergarten, Ms Nancy Ho Lan-sang, and the Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers, Mr Wong Kam-leung. Three incumbent members, Professor Alvin Leung Seung-ming, Dr Odalia Wong Ming-hung and Dr Fung Wai-wah, have been re-appointed.


The five members have been appointed in their personal capacity for a two-year term. While the re-appointment of Dr Fung will take effect on September 1, 2017, the appointment/re-appointment of the other four members will take effect on July 1, 2017.


An Education Bureau spokesman said, “Given their rich experience in the education sector, we are confident that they will provide insightful views to the deliberations of the EC.”


The spokesman also thanked the outgoing members, Ms Ng Yin-kam and Mr Tang Fei, for their valuable contributions to the work of the EC.


The new EC membership list with effect from July 1, 2017, is as follows:




Mr Tim Lui Tim-leung


Ex-officio members


Permanent Secretary for Education, Mrs Marion Lai Chan Chi-kuen

Chairman, Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals, Dr Carrie Willis

Chairman, Curriculum Development Council, Professor Kenneth Young

Chairman, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority Council, Mr Rock Chen Chung-nin

Chairman, Quality Education Fund Steering Committee, Mr Duffy Wong Chun-nam

Chairman, Standing Committee on Language Education and Research, Mr Lester Garson Huang

Chairman, University Grants Committee, Mr Carlson Tong

Chairman, Vocational Training Council, Dr Clement Chen Cheng-jen


Non-official members


Ms Kelly Chan Yuen-sau

Dr Fung Wai-wah

Ms Nancy Ho Lan-sang

Professor Alvin Leung Seung-ming

Dr Halina Poon Suk-han

Ms Shum Siu-fong

Mr Sin Kim-wai

Mr Henry Tong Sau-chai

Mr Wong Kam-leung

Dr Odalia Wong Ming-hung

Mr Dieter Yih Lai-tak


Note: Being the ex-officio Chairman of the Committee on Self-financing Post-secondary Education, Mr Tim Lui Tim-leung is also one of the ex-officio members.


Ends/Friday, June 30, 2017

Issued at HKT 15:00