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Membership (2023-2024)
Dr David Wong Yau-kar, GBS, JP
Permanent Secretary for Education
Ms Michelle Li Mei-sheung, JP
Ex-officio Members
Chairperson, Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals
Professor Alvin Leung Seung-ming, JP
Chairman, Committee on Self-financing Post-secondary Education
Ir Dr Alex Chan Siu-kun, SBS
Chairperson, Curriculum Development Council
Professor Isabella Poon Wai-yin, JP
Chairman, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority Council
Dr Samuel Yung Wing-ki, GBS, MH, JP
Chairman, Quality Education Fund Steering Committee
Mr Dieter Yih Lai-tak, JP
Chairperson, Standing Committee on Language Education and Research
Dr Anissa Chan Wong Lai-kuen, SBS, MH, JP
Chairman, University Grants Committee
Mr Tim Lui Tim-leung, GBS, JP
Chairman, Vocational Training Council
Mr Tony Tai Chark-tong, JP
Chairman, Committee on Home-School Co-operation
Mr Eugene Fong Yick-jin
Non-official Members
Dr Phyllis Chan Kwok-ling
Dr Sylvia Chan May-kuen, MH
Ms Mimi Cheung Yee-may, JP
Mr Herbert Chia Pun-kok, JP
Mr Kwok Wing-keung, BBS, MH, JP
Dr Ling Yu-shih
Mr Joseph Luc Ngai, JP
Mr Benjamin Ng Yau-keung
Professor Douglas So Cheung-tak, BBS, JP
Dr Winnie Tang Shuk-ming, MH, JP
Professor Eric Yim Chi-ming, MH, JP
Principal Assistant Secretary (Education Commission & Planning), Education Bureau
Ms Cynthia Chan Chin-woon