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Terms of Reference
The Education Commission advises the Secretary for Education on -
  1. the overall educational objectives and policies; and
  2. the priorities for implementation of its recommendations having regard to resources available.
In carrying out its tasks, the Commission will co-ordinate but not seek to direct the work of University Grants Committee (UGC), Vocational Training Council (VTC) and other education advisory bodies. Specifically, it will -
  1. receive and comment on the periodic reports submitted to the Government by UGC, VTC and other major advisory bodies on education;
  2. request the above-mentioned bodies to initiate discussion on issues falling within their respective purview as necessary;
  3. entertain requests from the Government for advice on educational issues; and
  4. initiate education research as appropriate.
The Commission oversees the operation of the Quality Education Fund, with advice from the Quality Education Fund Steering Committee.
The Commission submits its reports and recommendations to the Secretary for Education.