The following is issued on behalf of the Education Commission:


The Chairman of the Education Commission, Mr Tim Lui, welcomed the various education initiatives announced in “The Chief Executive’s 2021 Policy Address” delivered today (October 6).


Mr Lui said, “As the Chairman of the Education Commission, I welcome the Government’s unwavering commitments in education, with priority accorded to cultivate the sense of national identity, values and civic-mindedness amongst our next generation and to enhance teachers’ professional conduct and training, as well as new initiatives in areas such as vocational and professional education and training (VPET), progression pathways and university research, so as to further enhance the quality of education.


“I am pleased to note that the Education Bureau (EDB) will proactively bolster support to schools to help students gain a better understanding of Chinese culture and history, national development, the Constitution and the Basic Law, promote the full implementation of national education and national security education in schools, support schools in promoting values education to foster positive thinking amongst students, and enhance the media and information literacy of teachers and students so as to safeguard against the adverse effects of false information on the Internet.”


Mr Lui also welcomed the Government’s tireless efforts to sustain Hong Kong’s leading position in basic research through the extension of the Research Matching Grant Scheme, the relaxation of the over-enrolment ceiling of University Grant Council-funded research postgraduate programme students and supporting universities’ efforts in enhancing their research and development facilities with a view to consolidating Hong Kong’s leading position in basic research and nurturing talents for Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.


He added, “I am much impressed by the Government’s sustained efforts in promoting VPET and offering diversified progression pathways so as to cater for the diverse interests and attributes of students and facilitate their exploration of multiple pathways for further studies and career pursuits.


“Education is the key to nurturing talents, and it is of utmost importance for the future development of the society. I believe that the EDB will maintain close communication with stakeholders when introducing the education initiatives. The Education Commission will continue to render advice to further enhance the quality of education and nurture talents, thereby facilitating the sustainable development of our economy and community.”


Ends/Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Issued at HKT 16:50